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Mid-September at the earliest.
I went through the kin house and Returned to Owner anything that let me return it (so anything bound to someone else). Unfortunately, it does not tell me who anything is bound TO, so be sure to check your escrow at some point, thanks!
Check back here on or after August 3rd for potentially critical server information.
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Welcome to Ring Guard of Rivendell, a kinship on the Elendilmir server of The Lord of the Rings Online!

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LotRO Important Server Merge / Transfer Notes

MilarienCardhra, Aug 3, 15 10:09 AM.
LotRO Important Server Merge / Transfer Notes

Elendilmir is closing.  Ring Guard of Rivendell will be moving to Gladden.  Note that Elendilmir was listed first in the transfer order, so we will be the first server able to transfer, and thus have the best chance at keeping our character names (our kin name should be safe, it requires GM intervention to create).  If you have any toons you have not logged in for awhile, log them in to update the active tag before the transfers!

Server Closures Announcement

- Aug 3rd servers remaining announced, copies to Bullroarer allowed (so you can test and see what moves with what selections).  Shortly after that, the remaining servers will have moves opened, then after that, 2 servers at a time will be allowed to transfer, probably smallest first.
- Mail will NOT transfer.
- Friends lists will NOT transfer.
- If your house owner has not logged in since housing changed in 2014, your housing storage has NOT been updated and you will LOSE YOUR STORED STUFF!
- Do NOT transfer before I let you know that the kinship has been transferred!
- Make sure you have no open auction house sales.
- They should be giving 2 free character slots and putting slots on sale.
- Closing servers will close (no longer be playable) at the end of the year.
- There will be a "Transfer" button below the "Play" button in the launcher.
- You can move individual characters and the account-level stuff (shared wallet, shared vault, wardrobe, house, destiny) separately, or you can move them all together.
- If you want to split your characters between 2 or more servers, you might want to move any items you want characters that are going to secondary servers from shared storage space (shared vault, wardrobe, house) to individual storage space (bags or individual vault), so that it moves with the character instead of the account.  You're out of luck with shared wallet stuff, though, sorry.
- Oct 1st moves between open servers will become paid (moves off of closing servers will always be free, as will account / shared transfers).
- You will get housing prepayment credit equal to what you have when you move the house owner, along with the purchase price  of your old house.  When you buy a new house, you'll have the same storage capacity and such as your old one had.  Your stuff will be in the house owner's escrow, except stuff bound to another character (bound items always return to owner).
- You may be renamed, if your name is already taken by a character that has been active on the target server in the last year. In that case, you should have a free rename token you can use to pick a new name.
- If you have stuff in the bags, vaults, or house storage of characters that is now part of the shared wallet, it will remain with that character, NOT transfer as part of the share, unless you log them in and it updates to the wallet.
- They are doubling the number of purchasable character slots, so you can purchase extra slots to combine multiple server toons onto one server, if desired.
- If the transfers make something shared overflow (shared vault, wardrobe, housing storage), it will go into overflow -- as you free up slots in those areas, the overflow items will appear.  It will not be lost, but you won't be able to see it until you free up (or buy more, if available) space.
- Please pick up anything that is bound to you that is important to you from the kin house.  I don't want anything to happen to it through the automated process.
- Make sure you have nothing in your escrow before moving.

LotRO Server Merges

MilarienCardhra, Jul 29, 15 4:16 PM.
Here is the most recent information from the devs:

I will be posting again on or after August 3rd (after the specific server closings are available) with details on how this will impact RGR.

GuildPortal Outage

Milarien, Nov 12, 09 4:09 PM.
Ok, the report was so amusing, I had to post it:

GuildPortal Unplanned hamster death! Replaced with genetically-engineered rodent. Apologies for the downtime!

Ring Guard of Rivendell Has a New Address!

System, May 1, 09 4:24 PM.
Ring Guard of Rivendell has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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